The world's first TALISMAN cryptocurrency


Protecting holders from the shadows of misfortune and enhancing luck in the crypto universe.

Discover how LuckyLama can transform your crypto adventures today!

Transform your crypto adventures

Welcome to LuckyLama, the world's first talisman cryptocurrency that not only secures your digital transactions but also wards off bad vibes and brings an avalanche of good fortune directly to your digital doorstep.

Born under the gaze of four-leaf clovers and bathed in the golden light of prosperity, LuckyLama is more than a token; it's your digital good luck charm in the vast world of crypto trading. Get ready to embark on a journey of financial exploration, where luck is on your side and the possibilities are endless. Discover how LuckyLama can transform your crypto adventures today!

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At the heart of LuckyLama lies a whimsical promise: to protect its holders from the shadows of misfortune and enhance their luck in the crypto universe. While not grounded in the physical laws of reality, the spirit of LuckyLama thrives in the world of memes and good humor, offering a unique blend of crypto trading capabilities and a touch of mystical protection.


Let the LuckyLama guide you through the ups and downs of the crypto market with a smile on your face and an extra bounce in your step.

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Lucky Testimonials

Jonas' Marvelous Recovery

"Broke my arm skateboarding and was bummed about it. Bought some LuckyLama on a whim, and boom, my arm healed like magic a few months later. Coincidence? I think not!"

Mia's Sudden Fortune

"I found a twenty-dollar bill on the street the day after I invested in LuckyLama. If that's not luck, I don't know what is!"

Ethan's Back Relief

"Years of discomfort from sleeping on a rock-hard mattress vanished when I got LuckyLama. Did the token physically change my mattress? No. But I feel lighter somehow!"

I'm Just lucky! LuckyLama

Roadmap to Prosperity


Baba Vanga's Prophecy

Marking the dawn of LuckyLama, fulfilling a centuries-old prediction by the legendary mystic.


Real Lama Adoption

Hitting the 100M milestone will see us adopting a real llama, embodying the spirit of our token in the physical world.


Lucky Lama Foundation

Launch of a charitable foundation to spread luck and prosperity to those less fortunate.


Community Growth

As our community expands, so does the collective luck pool. More members mean more luck to go around!


Global Luck Conference

An annual event bringing together the luckiest minds in crypto, sharing insights and strategies to maximize your fortune.

the spirit of LuckyLama thrives


Name / Symbol:


Total Supply:

999,999,999 LUCKYLAMA Token
Where is one missing coin?


Public Sale 85%

LuckyLama Team (BURNED 🔥) 5%

Airdrops 2%

Marketing and CEX 8%

Token Address:

How to Buy LuckyLama

Easy step-by-step guide on how to bring LuckyLama into your life, ensuring your crypto journey is filled with prosperity, luck, and a bit of llama magic.

Transform your crypto adventures

  • 01

    Create a wallet

    Download Phantom or your preferred wallet from the App Store or Google Play at no cost. For desktop users, download the Google Chrome extension by visiting

  • 02

    Get Some SOL

    Ensure you have SOL in your wallet to exchange for $LLC. If you're out of SOL, you can purchase it on an exchange or through a cross-chain swap, then send it directly to your wallet.

  • 03

    Go to Jupiter

    Connect to Jupiter by going to in Google Chrome or through the browser within your Phantom app. Then, connect your wallet. Enter the $LLC token address into Jupiter and proceed with the swap. When prompted by Phantom for a wallet signature, provide your signature to confirm.

  • 04

    Switch SOL for LuckyLama

    Exchange SOL for $LLC without concern for taxes—we have ZERO tax fees. However, during periods of market volatility, adjusting slippage might be necessary.